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Clarins UV PLUS High Protection Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40

This BB Cream is the acme. It's the rave these days. I have tried a few BB Creams depending on my budget and the availability of the product here in my country (Philippines), but sad to say not any of those BB Creams have stolen my heart except for this one.

This is the only BB Cream my oh-so sensitive skin doesn't react to.

Two (2) sizes available:
50 ml — ₱ 3,150 (Rustans) = $73 (Online)
30 ml — ₱ 2,150 (Rustans) = $50 (Online)

*The ₱ price is inclusive of tax, I think

DETAILS from Clarins HK:
Specially designed for Asian skin, this BB cream is the first step in skin care, combining a perfect complexion with triple-protection against UV radiation, pollution and oxidative stress. Makes for ideal and very natural-looking coverage, with any redness and blemishes disappearing immediately. The complexion remains perfectly even throughout the day. The skin is ideally protected.

With organic blackcurrant buds to diminish skin redness induced by the stress of urban life. High-protection UVA/UVB 100% mineral to protect against the harmful effects of sunlight, including premature skin aging. Extract of cantaloupe melon for protection against oxidative stress. An anti-pollution complex exclusive to Clarins to protect against the harmful effects of pollution.

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Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40 - Clarins

I have tried a lot of BB Creams. My first BB was from Maybelline then I shifted to The Faceshop and Skinfood, both Korean brands. It worked fine on my skin for many months. No tempestuous eruptions of zits. Rien! Pas du tout! Nothing at all! Surprisingly, my skin became so sensitive and it reacted to all the BB Creams that I used that I had to stop using it. I even tried MAC's Mineralize Satinfinish Liquid Foundation which broke me out dreadfully.

I was on the hunt for the right BB cream/Foundation for my touchy skin. I found L'oreal's tinted moisturizer. I thought this stuff will actually be my HG product but sadly, it was another wrong move. 

While browsing through Clarins' channel on youtube, I saw this short french clip Vous avez dit BB? FR 1. I didn't really understand the whole thing but I just caught some words that were quite familiar to me (I'm studying French). It was quite a laugh when some of them answered Brigitte Bardot. Such a lovely lady you are. Elle est très belle! 

                                                                      Brigitte Bardot

I have been a fan of Clarins since I started using their popular product, the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. My skin didn't react to this even though I've been using it for a while now which is good. And since then, my skin loves Clarins so everything that I am using now is under their line. 

Clarins BB Cream came out in the stores last March 2013. In the U.S and European countries, they have their own version of their BB cream which is in a sleek red tube. They only have two shades and the shades are darker compared to the Asian version which has only one shade.

When this came I out, I bought this right away with my savings (Thank God I had saved money). I bought the larger one. I had a gut feeling this is the BB Cream that I have been looking for. I lay my credence on Clarins.

Next day, I tried it on and when I saw the results, I was utterly astonished.

The product covered some of my nearly-gone acne scars, skin redness, and blemishes! The look was more heightened when I applied my primer BFB. It gave me a dewy look which gave me a pleasant natural appearance. The shade suited my skin tone well.

One of the best part too is that it has SPF 40. Woohoo! My skin is so protected from the strong sun here in the Philippines.

Love this stuff to death. I kept on hearing a lot of compliments from my friends. They say there's an invisible bright light surrounding my face. This stuff makes you literally glow.

Almost a year has passed since I've been using this product. So far, no reactions!

I must add that you should apply a lightweight moisturizer, preferably a gel type to create a smooth canvas for the BFB and the BB cream to set in. I did a trial-and-error before I finding out how to really have that beautiful finish. I tried using it with a sponge but it was quite messy. I even bought a foundation brush from my local drugstore and used it but it left streaks. 

I think because the BB cream has thick consistency that using a sponge and a brush didn't work. I haven't really tried applying the BB cream with other fancy brushes (too cher) or the Beauty Blender but if you do, you can leave comments down below. 

Here are some photos that I took using my iPhone 4s.

                                                         Fresh Face

                                With the BB Cream and the Beauty Flash Balm

Vodkapomme says:
✓For perfect skin from morning to night
✓Covers skin redness and blemishes
✓ Natural dewy effect
✓ No retouches needed
✓ Stays long
✓ SPF 40
✓ One tube lasts a long time
✓ Doesn't break me out
✘ Highly pricey for a BB cream
✘ Has only one shade
✘ Smells like Sunscreen lotion

What are your thoughts? Partagez vos pensées! Share!

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