Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Stressed? Didn't get any sleep the night before? This stuff will save you.

My first ever product from Clarins. It was a birthday present from my mom. Actually she gave me the money to buy anything I want and I chose this. Hehe

Cost: 2150 (Rustans) = $45 (Nordstrom)

price is inclusive of tax, I think. 

                     This is their new packaging.  It's slim and looks more modern.

**photo taken from shop.nordstrom.com

And here is the old one. Quite fat, stubby and looks simple but I like the gold rim around the cap.
**photo taken from this site. please click BFB

Details from Nordstrom:
The ideal beauty pick-me-up to erase signs of stress or fatigue. Great before an evening out or whenever you want to quickly refresh your appearance. For all skin types. Winner of Allure magazine's 'Best of Beauty' award for Best Instant Brightener, 2011 and 2012.

And this year too! Yehey! 

Witch Hazel, Olive Tree Extracts,
Algae Extract, Bisabolol, Rice Starch.

Not so much ingredients for a pricey product, eh?

There's this big shopping mall called Ayala Center here in Cebu and within that mall is another small store called Rustans that sell imported products. From clothes to jewelry to kitchen utensils and of course to cosmetics and skincare. 

Sometimes, when I visit Rustans with no apparent reason I feel that I am just wasting my time ogling at costly items that I know I could never afford not unless I have a job that pays well. 

I bought this product here. Their Clarins section is quite small. Just a counter with their testers and some cabinets and drawers for them to stock their goodies. They sell limited stocks, mostly skincare. 

But I have never heard of Clarins not until my sister recommended me this product.

Desoleé, Clarins! 

I began to be sentient about my looks, my skin, my everything. I have eyed my younger sister for many nights creating her concoctions for her facial rituals and since she does that every night, there was indeed a dramatic change in her skin. It glowed beautifully and she always look so fresh. Her skin became bright and I like looking at it.

She inspired me to do the same thing. I want my skin to look awesome too.

Before I purchased this, I read reviews and even watched youtube videos to see what it looks like when applied on the skin. I need to see for myself what this product can do. A product worth $50 is not cheap. What I should give myself for my 22nd birthday should be worth it.

I also searched for photos of women who used the BFB and this is what I've found. I don't go splurging money on something I am not sure of. I have to keep on searching before buying and once I'm satisfied with the data collected, I'll rush to the store and get it. 

I have to get it. I cannot sleep if I can't have it. It will even haunt me in my sleep! How insane can a woman get?

I don't know about you guys but for me this woman's face, her name's Dommie (I have the link below where I got this photo), is actually glowing. Despite of her acne, she still looks beautiful and less dull-looking. I love this look. 

I still want to look "me" and not someone else. I'm buying this look. Dewy face and pinkish lips - and this is good to go. 

Since my mom gave me money for my birthday, I didn't hesitate to purchase the Beauty Flash Balm. I crossed my fingers, trusting the reviews from people, and Dommie's dewy face, and my sister's persistency to buy the product (because she would like to use it too. Ha!) that this stuff will really make my skin glow.

And here’s my own version! Okay. This is a photo taken a month ago. My apologies that it took me so long to write a review on this and my 21st birthday was two years ago. 

My acne scars here were actually fading but these days, there are new pimples erupting again. I really have acne-prone skin which is really a huge problem for me.

In this photo, my dad and I are heading to the Oval track to jog.

The SA in Rustans Cebu Ayala told me to apply my daily cream or moisturizer first before the beauty flash balm. It will absorb more on moist skin. She also mentioned that I can use this as a mask at night, but I think it's too hefty so I don’t use it. Sorry but I can't say how this stuff works if used as a mask.

You only need a pea size of the product. It's enough to cover the entire face. Clarins has their own way of applying a certain product like the BFB. You squeeze a pea-size of the product on your palm and warm it up by slightly rubbing it between your palms then gently pat on your face down to your décolleté which is the low neckline.

Oh, by the way, do not rub vigorously. You'll mess the whole thing like white stuff peeling from your face.

I really like how dewy my face looked. My boyfriend likes this look too. What more could I ask for? Long-term use of this made my face soft and smooth. I don’t feel any tightness but I have observed that my pores looked smaller.

You can also apply immediately your BB cream or foundation or you can mix the BFB with it. Again, don't rub.

You can check my link Clarins UV PLUS High Protection Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40 to see the what the results would look like with BB cream on top.

                         And this is me without the BFB. I look like a cat. Meow!

I'm the type of person who hates having too much make up on. I don't have a haul of different brand of cosmetics. I like the natural look. Even evening parties, I still go for a day-look make up. 

I never experienced breakouts from this product so hooray for us sensitive-skinned women.

Vodkapomme says:
Refreshes your skin
Softens your skin with long-term use
Erases stress and fatigue
Doesn't cause any breakouts
Lovely smell
50 ml goes a long way (1 year perhaps)
✓ Pricey but worth it
Can't be used as a daily moisturizer
Moisturize face first before applying
Peels off if rubbed too much

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